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Size and Features

  • Leather
  • Grey in colour
  • 50cm D x 30-35cm H when stuffed
  • Metal zip underneath
  • Pouffes come unstuffed

How to Stuff Your Moroccan Pouffe

Make sure the material you are using is clean and dry.

You can stuff your ottoman with a range of different materials depending on the finish you wish to achieve. For a soft beanbag finish, we recommend using a filling of polystyrene balls (60L per ottoman), foam chips, old plastic bags or scrunched up newspapers. If using polystyrene beads it is advisable to use a liner, for example and old pillow case, and fill in the bath or outside. 

To achieve a firmer, heavier ottoman try using old clothes, towels and sheets.

The ottoman will bed down over time and more filling can then be added as required. 

A traditional favourite in Morocco, these Moroccan Leather Ottomans are handcrafted in Marrakech with pieced panels and silk embroidery detailing on top. They make a great foot rest or seating.